Which Country Masses are more interested in receiving the Cosmetic Surgery

The cosmetic and plastic surgery procedure is defined by the process that changes your looks and the facial appearance by a surgical or non-surgical application with an expert hand of performing Surgeon. It is a branch of science concerned with improving the facial appeal through reconstructive or a cosmetic procedure, treatment such as liposuction, rhinoplasty, gynecomastia, facelift, breast enhancement, and the most important the hair transplant procedure. These all cosmetic and plastic surgery procedure is well-demanded by the people in the condition of any alteration, deformities or loss experienced by them.

The medical data established in the cosmetic surgery patients conducted by the ISAPS in 2014 says that the number of cosmetic surgeries is increasing enormously worldwide, but the masses who are taking it as a final step mostly from the USA, Brazil, Japan and South Korea. India has the 8th position in receiving the cosmetic procedure on the world scale and the USA takes top position with the data of 4 600 000.

Why India has declining rate in adopting the cosmetic surgery and does it factually proven that only with the data of 8, 78, 190 Indian masses taken the surgical or non-surgical procedure last year. It might be correct with the whole graph number, but the scenario stated that most of the plastic & cosmetic surgeries are being done in India with the highest ratio of 80%, especially for the hair transplant procedure.

It is a fact that the relevance of cosmetic and plastic surgeries other than the hair transplant has very few acceptances among common Indian masses as the trend of natural looks with god-gifted aesthetic attributes are well-appreciated. The procedure, like liposuction, nose job, lip enhancement and breast enhancement are more prevalent among actor or actress whose all career life is wholly and solely a facial profile dependent and so it might be an obligation factor for the celebrities. But, it is not an obligation for the common man and we appreciate the natural beauty, rather than the dramatic alteration. People are interested in receiving and maintaining the natural looks and subtle enhancements, rather than the surgical and costly dramatic alteration.

So, the procedure of hair transplant in India increases enormously from last 7-8 years and especially after the globalization and most of the hair transplant cases are being dealt with India with the hand of expert Surgeons and Doctors. The hair transplant cost in India is lesser and around 70% cheaper as compared to other subcontinents like USA, UK, UAE, and Europe. The cost factors and facilities arrangement acts as a dual benefit with the expert mind and hand for performing the hair restoration in India. And, the fact behind taking the cosmetic surgery procedure is not just limited to improvement in looks or personality, but it also acts a confidence booster, which is all admissible with the hair transplant procedure. However, despite declining graph for taking the cosmetic procedure in India, people are interested to receive the hair transplant procedure to enhance their looks, appearance, facial profile and the last, but not least the confidence that acts a tool for nurturing the self-esteem need.

India is a hot spot for a hair transplant procedure and clients/patient from all over the world, including India receiving the procedure with an increasing interest and data of medical tourism 2017 has proven this fact that most of the patients are there for opting the hair restoration surgeries. According to a current data of the Ministry of Tourism stated that around 96, 858 medical tourists visited India in 2017 to receive the aesthetic plastic & a cosmetic surgery procedure.

Why India is a hot spot Destination for the Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Procedure:

  • The availability of the expert Surgeons & Doctor
  • The state-of-the-art Facilities & services
  • The affordable cost of the procedure
  • The advancement in technology & technique of the procedure
  • The availability of the recognized and reputed health clinics in India


On the whole, we can say that the procedure of plastic & cosmetic surgery has all acceptances among masses until it is related to the aesthetic result and most of the patients are receiving the procedure in order to improve their looks and personality, rather than getting the top position in a competition of dramatic alteration.