When Not to Go For Lasik Surgery

Lasik Surgery is a non-invasive and permanent solution for correcting vision. This solution is believed to be meant for all and has reported good results so far. Like patient goes for lot many pre-surgery checks like blood sugar level, etc; similarly, the patient does need fulfilling certain criteria to become eligible for Lasik surgery. Here are certain situations when he cannot be given Lasik treatment.

  • The patient is too young

A child is not suitable for Lasik Surgery. Though there are a number of cases being reported where children were made to wear glasses, they have to wait for this surgery till they attain the age of 18 years or so. However, in certain exception, the surgeon may counsel the guardians/parents and can get permission to apply this procedure on child. Still, the procedure yields the best results when the patient is 18 and above, and below 60.

  • The vision has not stabilized

One of the reasons quoted for not choosing lasik surgery for kids is the wavering of eye vision level. The young children’s vision has to reach stability first. In adults also, those taking treatment for vision correction need to ensure that their vision has stayed stable at least for a year; then only the lasik surgery yields good results.

  • Patient of pregnant or nursing

Hormonal changes happening during pregnancy and breastfeeding cause change in the shape of cornea. These changes subside and the eyes become normal once such special conditions are over. So, it is better to wait than to jump upon the decision of getting lasik surgery done.

So, be cautious and get all the doubts cleared from someone like Detroit lasik expert and then take decision regarding the laser eye surgery accordingly. The motive of such research is to ensure that you get the best benefits of lasik eye surgery, and so certain questions should definitely be asked.