What Is Leukemia?

 Leukemia is a form of cancer in the blood cells that begins in your bone marrow, which is the soft tissue that is found in most of your bones.

As you can imagine, new blood cells are very important. New blood cells are made inside your bone marrow, which includes white blood cells, red blood cells and platelets. Each one of these blood cells plays a vital role in your body.

Placelets are what gives your body the ability to create blood clots. Red blood cells are important because they deliver oxygen to all the parts of your body. White blood cells are what helps your body fight off infection. When your body is not able to create these blood cells, bad things can happen.

Just the opposite, if more blood cells are created than normal, issues can arise. If you have leukemia, your bone marrow will likely create too many white blood cells. We refer to these blood cells as leukemia cells.

Leukemia cells don’t work like normal white blood cells. Rather, these cells grow faster than regular white blood cells and they don’t stop growing when they should.

Over time, leukemia cells will override your normal blood cells. This will lead to serious problems in your body, such as anemia, infections, and bleeding.

There’s a wide range of ways leukemia is being treated. One such example is a medication called Leukeran. Leukeran 2mg is becoming a common medication used in the treatment of leukemia. Since cancer divides cells as they reproduce, Leukeran contains Chlorambucil which disables your cells’ ability to divide.

While it’s true that Chlorambucil will kill both healthy and cancerous cells, your good cells will be able to grow back to replace both good healthy cells that your body loses.

Leukemia Symptoms

Leukemia can cause a wide range of symptoms. These include but are not limited to;

  • Bone Pain
  • Feeling Tired For No Reason
  • Frequent Nosebleeds, Bleeding From Rectum, Gums
  • Bruising
  • Common Fevers
  • Swollen Glands In Neck, Groin, Under Arm

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, I’d highly recommend that you see a doctor immediately. You shouldn’t be alarmed, but it’s wise to get the proper test done early as possible just in case something is wrong.

A physical and blood test can be performed to see if you have leukemia. If your blood test shows unnormal results, your doctor may give you a bone marrow biopsy. This test gives key information and allows your doctor to see inside your bones.