The Psychological Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

You might be thinking; it is 2018 and people are still suffering from ED? Well yes, and that because the primary causes of ED have not changed and also at some point in their lives most men will suffer from ED thanks one or more of these causes. The physical causes of ED like injury to the penis, high blood pressure and diabetes 2 have been talked about a lot, with specific input on how to prevent these illnesses and therefore lower the risk of ED.

But there are other causes that have been largely overlooked. These are the psychological causes of ED and they include the following;

  • Performance Anxiety

Performance anxiety, also known as the pressure to perform during sex is most common in new relationships where a man can be nervous about impressing a new partner. It is also a very temporary problem that will often go away as you become more comfortable with the relationship. But performance anxiety is thought to be the leading psychological cause of ED and can be persistent because the more a man is anxious about performing, the less he is able to do so and the more nervous he gets.

  • General Stress

A man’s sex driver can be greatly affected by general stress to the body. The main reason why is because stress will often hinder the production of testosterone and produce more Cortisol which has been linked with sexual problems. You may find that ED or sexual performance anxiety can happen when you have a stressful time at work or with family problems. In most cases, simply taking steps to lower stress can significantly reduce Cortisol production and increase testosterone production which can help eliminate ED.

  • Depression

Prolonged stress can often lead to depression which is characterized by low self-esteem, general fatigue and a lack of sleep. But one of the least talked about sign of depression is erectile dysfunction. When you are not feeling good about yourself, your body’s hormonal systems don’t work correctly which can lead to lower testosterone production and ED. The problem is that some of the antidepressants used to treat depression can also cause and exacerbate ED.

  • Loss of Interest in Sexual Activity

Lower libido or a lack of interest in sexual activity can also be a major cause of ED. In fact studies have shown that men with lower libido or uninterested in sex are more prone to erectile problems. One of the major causes or low libido or disinterest in sexual activity is relationship problems. Low libido can also arise if the quality of sex is not satisfying.

  • Over-reliance on ED Treatment

Sometimes when you rely too much on a solution, the problem persists just so you can gain access to the treatment. This is the major cause of the problem with over-reliance on painkillers and the addiction problems caused by this issue. Instead of seeking a medical solution every time, you may want to use other methods to alleviate the stress and anxiety that cause ED.