The Facts on Minimally Invasive Back Surgery

Back pain and spinal conditions are known to cause a great deal of pain and discomfort. When these conditions are severe and do not respond to medication or other conservative treatment, it may be necessary to undergo back surgery. Modern techniques in the medical field, combined with advances in technology, have resulted in improved ways of performing surgical procedures. Compared to open surgery, minimally invasive back surgery offers numerous benefits both to patients and medical practitioners. Small incisions are made to access the affected region and repairs are done without any harm to the adjacent muscles and tissues.

Less pain after the operation

Unlike traditional open surgeries, the period after minimally invasive surgery on the back is not characterized by a lot of pain. The incisions made on the body are smaller, and there is no harm to the muscles and tissues that were not affected. With less pain, it means that you will only require small doses of painkillers to relieve any pain you may experience. The procedure also requires less anesthesia on the patient, a factor that helps to avoid the undesired side effects of the medication.

Reduced risk of infection

Incisions done during surgical procedures usually expose patients to the risk of infections. With minimally invasive surgery, the doctor will access the affected body part through tiny incisions. The tiny incisions meant that the risk of infection would be significantly reduced. This also helps to reduce the risk of complication.

Reduced blood loss

This surgical procedure achieves reduced blood loss owing to the tiny incisions. Rather that involving long incision that would be made through muscles, the procedure focuses on the affected part. This means that there will be less blood loss during the medical procedure.

Minimal scarring

For a long time, scarring has been a part of surgical procedures. However, this modern surgical procedure eliminates the need for the long incision, reducing the physical scars that the patient will have to live with after treatment and recovery. Although it is back surgery, minimal scarring will still go a long way in giving the patient an appealing look.

Shorter stay in the hospital

The fact that minimally invasive surgery will not harm the nearby muscles and tissues means that only the repaired part will need to recover. With the amount of time that muscles take to recover, this procedure will shorten the time you spend in hospital. Reduced risk of developing complications will also contribute to your doctor discharging you shortly after the surgery. A shorter stay in the treatment facility translates to lower medical expenses for the patient.

Improved function

Minimally invasive back surgery is such that the doctor will only have to make minor incisions to access the body part that needs to be repaired. The reduced tissue damage and minimal pain will result in quicker recovery for the patient. This will allow you to achieve function within a short time, going back to your normal activities just a short time after the procedure.

Before undergoing this procedure, your doctor will advise on whether you qualify for minimally invasive back surgery. With the use of the innovative technology and our experienced doctors, you will be assured of a higher rate of accuracy during the procedure.