The Emergence of Legal Cannabis in Canada

People are definitely embracing the use of legal cannabis in Canada.

There are now several legal marijuana dispensaries in Canada thanks to laws that allow the use of medicinal cannabis. What’s more, in 2017, the county proposed the legalization of the possession, use, and purchase (and even cultivation) of cannabis — thanks to the Cannabis Act.

The law has limitations: possession, use, and purchase of cannabis is only legal up to a certain amount and for adults 18 years old above. The act takes effect in 2018, the latest in the country’s long and winding history with cannabis.

So why is there an emergence of legal cannabis in the country? Why are there many marijuana dispensaries in Canada?

To understand this, it is best to know why cannabis was prohibited in Canada in the first place.

Drug prohibition began in 1908, when the Opim Act took effect. This act came about when the government came to the conclusion that opium smoking was dangerous. Cannabis was included in the list of prohibited drugs in 1923.

But according to reports, this move was tied to the strong anti-Asian sentiment at the time. The use and purchase of opium and cannabis were linked to Asians at the time (the first drug raids in the country were done in Chinatown and Japantown). Possession was a deportable offense.

This can be linked to the racist links of marijuana prohibition in America. Marijuana was associated with immigrants (specifically, Mexican and Asian immigrants), Anti-drug campaigns used the so-called (and inappropriately labeled) “Marijuana Menace” as a means to increase fear of Mexican immigrants, who were resented by some sectors of the public during the 1930s and the Great Depression as they were accused of stealing jobs from Americans.

In short: the prohibition of cannabis has racist roots, and, contrary to common belief, not entirely scientific ones.

The popular of cannabis in Canada can also be traced in the 1970s, but it is during the 2000s when the medicinal use of cannabis has been made legal, albeit some attempt to restrict use and selling of it. The embrace of its use may stem in the fact that people are now aware that the use of cannabis does not have the negative effects many earlier studies and reports claim it has.

In fact, more and more studies prove the opposite: that the proper use of legal cannabis does have benefits, especially for people dealing with certain ailments and diseases,

Specifically, medicinal marijuana has been shown to have positive effects for people dealing with depression. It has also shown to benefit people experiencing intense pain due to certain ailments.

Different strains have different effects (which explains the popularity of marijuana dispensaries in Canada). For instance, the Ocimene strain is known for having antiviral, antifungal, and even decongestant effects. Meanwhile, the Terpinolene is used for its anticancer, sedative, and antioxidant effect.

In any case, the Cannabis Act will take effect next year, which will lead to further studies on the benefits of usage of medicinal cannabis.
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