Should I see a dentist even if I am not hurting? 

It is unfortunate that most people only see a dentist when a tooth is aching. Most dental issues have no pain at the start. Therefore, when it hurts, the problem is probably in its advanced stages. Here is why you should see a dentist Issaquah even if the mouth is not hurting.

Deal with the bad breath

You never notice that you have bad breath until someone points it to you. When you visit a dentist regularly, he can detect and diagnose the source of the bad breath thereby restoring your confidence.

Get whiter teeth

Regular professional teeth cleaning helps eliminate stains from such food s red wine, smoking or excessive fluorine in water. This helps you maintain a healthy smile. 

Helps prevent gum disease

Gum disease results from increased accumulation of plaque in the mouth. When you visit the dentist Issaquah, he or she will notice the presence of plaque and remove it before it results in a gum problem thereby saving you the pain and added treatment cost. 

Regular checkups are good for your general health

Numerous medical studies link oral problems with life-threatening conditions such as heart disease and stroke. In most cases, the problem starts with poor oral hygiene. When you get regular dental check-ups, you are also lowering the risk of catching one of these fatal illnesses.

Deal with problems early

It is possible to deal with almost all oral issues if they are treated early. The problems can only come to the attention of the dentist if you pay him or her a visit. Treating the problem early is cheaper and saves you the agony that comes advanced dental problems. Moreover, advanced dental issues come with extensive procedures that will require you to keep visiting the dental clinic now and then.  

Check on past procedures

If you have had dental procedures in the past, such as filings and dentures, there is a risk that something may have gone wrong. The fillings may have come off, or dentures were broken. During a visit to the dentist, the dentist can detect a problem and rectify it before it becomes a major issue.


The dentist will give you several tips on ways to take care of your teeth and maintain healthy teeth into your old age. Some good advice can also help prevent the onset of various dental issues.

Do not wait until you are hurting to visit the Dentist Issaquah. It saves you from wasting more time, feeling more pain and spending more on dental treatment.