Retracing Where Old Problems Begin to Heal

    Let’s look at some of the situationsthat can occur while working with the people at Brandon Chiropractice Health Center to see an upper cervical doctor and probably had few adjustments. You are feeling good; better than you have felt in years. But then you have some pain starting up from an old injury that has flared up. Something you probably haven’t had to deal with in years. You start wondering what is happening and why you are feeling this discomfort and pain. You are supposed to be feeling good – that is what chiropractor Brandon, Fl. told you at your last visit. So, why is this starting, and could it just be normal?


    What is happening to you is in fact, a side effect that is normal and is known as “retracing” but it is not so uncommon that it is worrisome or unheard of.

    Body adjustments

    Retracing you are experiencing is flare-ups or an increase in your symptoms. You might feel discomfort, dizziness or even aches after having an adjustment. This does not mean that you will feel this way always after an adjustment, just that you do feel this way most of your adjustments.

    Why does this happen?

    The body can heal itself and when your spine is aligned properly; its ability to do so is maximized. But, the healing process has good moments, and moments that are not so great. There will be times once you start focusing on your body’s healing, old injuries might flare up, so years of compensation is starting to begin to come undone.

    Like starting new exercise and diet

    Think of this as starting a brand-new diet and exercise regime. At first, the body is not sure what is happening, and you might feel sore after a workout or still hungry right after eating. But after a time it will go away.