Recovery from Substance Abuse and problems during recovery

Rehab centers are very important part of recovery from substance abuse. These provide a positive and furnishing environment to the addict. During recovery, there come forth many problems, which are needed to be overcome for a fairly positive result after rehab. In Iowa addiction help, there are doctors, workers to take care of patient at all times, checking in the routine work and medical treatment as well.

But there are cases where relapses were found and which resulted in a very serious condition. Thus, recovery from substance abuse is an ongoing process, which takes a lot of time, a lot of hard work and a lot of determination. Completing rehab doesn’t mean that one is cured or recovery is achieved.

Until one is not fully treated mentally, there is always a chance of relapsing. Thus, the addict is in being recovered stage only till he is treated fully. For many people temptation to use drug or alcohol can be too much to handle. During this recovery time, Relapse is a common setback.

To avoid relapse, one must

  1. Plan for a post-rehab life
  2. Resist future use temptations

Why it is important to prevent Substance Relapse?

Relapse during recovery is very common. Almost 60% of people working on recovery from substance abuse return to the substance at least once. In some cases of substance, relapse patient is mate with the condition of High blood pressure, asthma, diabetes etc.

Other then above mentioned conditions some other risks faced by the individual who relapse are:

  • Overdose

Relapse can be very risky due to many reasons and most risky is overdose. Since due to the treatment, tolerance of body remains not same as earlier and a slight overdose might cause serious health problems, in some cases even lead to death.

  • Psychological struggles

Relapse also brings the health issues like psychological struggle. After relapsing for first time generally there is a feeling that one has failed. And such feelings may cause lack of motivation. But at these times it is more important that one understand these relapses not as failure but as a sign that there is so much more to learn.

What causes Substance Relapse?

  1. Boredom
  2. Belief that they are no longer addicted
  3. Stress and anxiety
  4. Lack of social circle
  5. Cravings and less tolerance