Latest treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

The erectile dysfunction (ED) is related to the male genital organ and this article is for male sexual health only. Yet, any women can also read this if their husband is having issues in getting timely erection of his penis. Besides, we are going to discuss about Viagra generics available in the medicinal market and looking for the permanent cure of ED in men. Please find much bedtime story on ED on, which are posted by real-time ED patients and their respective wife’s.

Natural Viagra and Treatment for ED

Many of the men’s, do not discuss their sexual health with their wife, friends and with a doctor, if they find some sexual dysfunction. Most of them try alternative medicines, and simply spend their money in buying various Natural Viagra packages. Few of the men’s, smartly order some super-strong pack for men and do a self-medication. Yet, all of these people are having some sort of shyness to discuss with a doctor or to their wife. They avoid sex and will have so many reasons to tell. The below mentioned are few common symptoms a man will do during erectile dysfunction.

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  • He will avoid light during night time as his partner will be not able to see his potency.
  • They avoid sex with their wife and try to sleep separately.
  • They will show they are busy with some works and try to avoid their wife until they are asleep.
  • He will just do some foreplay and say he is tired after sometime to avoid intercourse.
  • A man with ED in the initial stage may not able to make his wife pregnant.
  • He cannot fully insert their mail genital in to the vagina.
  • He will be having difficulty to ejaculate sperms in to the vagina.

You can see more ED signs and symptoms on The alternative medicines are mostly herbs and few physical regimes, which you have to spare your time and follow. The natural remedies will take more than six months that your wife may take the decision to divorce on the grounds of male impotency. This is legally accepted by any court of law and divorce will be granted soon on this reason.

Allopathic Treatment to Cure ED

The sildenafil citrate can permanently cure ED, and it is available in the name of Suhagra. It is manufactured by Indians major pharmaceutical company named Cipla. Suhagra is available in 50mg and 100mg. Visit for the Suhagra price and its medication instructions. The majority of sexologists in India prescribe Suhagra as cheap Viagra for men with the erectile dysfunction. This is not a disease, and it is a state of men’s sexual health. It is permanently curable with a proper Suhagra dosage.