Kratom – What Is It & What Can It Do?

Kratom is a tree like plant and it belongs to the same botanical family as Coffee and Gardenia (Rubicacea). It is native to South East Asia. Kratom is known in different names like Ketum, Thang, Biak Biak, Kraton etc.

The use of Kratom has been documented for centuries in Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia and Indonesia. Kratom has been mainly used for getting rid of chronic fatigue and Kratom is also well known for its pain killing nature and at the same time it also helps to overcome opioid withdrawal symptoms. Related image

How Kratom Can Be Taken:

It is mainly taken orally. Fresh leaves of Kratom are chewed or can be taken in extract form. The dried plant material can be brewed as a tea or it can also come in form of Gelatin capsule. Less frequently Kratom can be smoked also.

Kratom Effects:

The effects of Kratom completely depend on the dose. The mild dose of Kratom ( 1-5 gm) results a stimulant effect and it increases energy. The moderate dose of Kratom (5-10gm) have an opioid effects, including euphoria. The high doses of more than 15g can cause highly sedation effects like opioids.

Kratom has an indole alkaloid called Mitragynine which is actually responsible for the opioid like effects of Kratom.

Always remember one thing that improper use of Kratom could lead to some unfavourable side effects that include- abnormal pulse rate, blood pressure, sudden rise of body temperature, nausea and vomiting etc.

The marketing and production of Kratom is completely legal and controlled in South Asian countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia and Vietnam. In US, Kratom is legal to possess and use but some states have made it illegal. Due to its demand, the overall sales of Kratom is significantly increasing. If you search online, you will find a lot of dealers, retailers and manufacturers that sell Kratom leaves, extracts, powder, capsules etc.

There are actually no side effects if you take Kratom in a proper dose. There are many online retailers that offer Kratom for sale. It is always recommended to find an authentic and popular online store that offer Kratom powder for sale at a reasonable price.