Everything You Need To Know About Pubic Lice

Crabs or pubic lice are very tiny insects living off the blood of humans. They are most often found in the genital area and they can also live in any part of the body that has hair. The STD crabs are in most cases transmitted during close contact with persons who are infected having sex. It is followed by various symptoms and side effects including itching.

Complete Standard

If the disease of crabs is diagnosed, the person having this STD needs to complete standard STD treatment that involves insecticide lotions and creams that will help kill the lice. In those cases that the lice infection are obtained following sex with a partner, the person infected needs to pass exams on other STD.

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Other ways to spread

Sex is not the only way of getting lice. Body contact that is close within poor and unhealthy sanitation conditions can also lead to this type of infection.

Overcrowded areas

Overcrowded areas and cold climates can also be the source of crabs or pubic lice. This infection is quite common in countries where there are high level of poor sanitation and poverty. If a person wanted to avoid this problem with health, it is recommended to regularly wash as well as stop wearing the same clothes all the time. This is why pubic lice or crabs are a common problem in areas of homeless population.

Pubic lice

Lice can be transmitted through sexual acts, skin-to-skin contact or clothing, toilet seats and bedding that harbour these inserts. There are two main classifications divided into pubic lice and body lice. Each lice type can be contracted in several ways. Pubic lice can be passed from one person to another person after close contact. The most common way is having sex with an infected person.

There are ways to catch lice that re non-sexual. Physical contact in various ways can be the source of spreading the infection. This can be by kissing a person who mighthas lice in his hair or beard are a good example. Pubic lice are strongly attached to hair so it is just too hard to wash them out using methods that are common. They will not fall out themselves. The fact that pubic lice call for a host to feed them, you are quite unlikely to get lice from clothes, shared towels, toilets seats or bed lined.