Canada’s Medical Marijuana Program Started at the Beginning of the Year

A momentous change came to Canada last summer after the Supreme Court made a ruling that patients would no longer be limited to the use of only marijuana that is dried to treat their health problems. This made big change in the MMPR or Canada’s medical marijuana program. As a consequence, Health Canada made the announcement that they would be allowing licensed producers for the very first time to produce and sell cannabis-based extracts.

Peace Naturals Project, Inc.

This was a landmark ruling, but there are so far just a handful of companies to have obtained the needed licenses to start producing cannabis oil. The first one was awarded in December to Peace Naturals Project, Inc., Stayner, Ontario-based operation.


Mettrum, licensed producer based in Toronto, was the second one to acquire their license, and will this year, start rolling out its premium line-up of extracts from marijuana. Colour coded in yellow, red as well as blue in what this company calls the “Mettrum Spectrum”. These three various blends offer three different equilibriums between THC and CBD, which are the two principal medicinal components that are existing in marijuana.

Production begins

The CEO of Mettrum stated over the phone that they got their license to sell the oils in December and since then have had to get their products tested, packaged and released. Based on their initial sell-through, they believe the demand is extremely high. So far, they have released 4 batches, and each week the size of the batches has been increasing and they will be at the planned production numbers by the end of the month.

Common method

The most common method of producing cannabis oil is by solvent extraction. The buds that are dried are ground up and then made into a fluid that liquifies the medicinal compounds. This fluid is then separated and evaporated leaving only the extracts that are then diluted in oil that is plant-based.