Bone Cancer Prognosis

Bone cancer prognosis in medical terms means that what will be the outcome of the disease and what course the disease will follow. The factors on which the bone cancer prognosis depends are as follows:

* Stage of the cancer

* Type of cancer

* location of the tumor

* Bone cancer Grade

* General health

* Medical history of the patients.

* Patients age.

Bone cancer prognosis is a likely prediction about the outcome of the disease no doctors can guarantee it, it can change from patient to patient. 

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A person who is affected by the bone cancer is generally more concerned about his future with the disease. If a patients want the outcome of the disease to be positive than they should change their lifestyle , lead a quality  and hygienic life and opt for the best treatment available for the bone cancer. Predicting the prognosis of bone cancer consider many factors that may hamper the treatment of the patient or what may happen during the course of the disease. The bone cancer prognosis given by the doctors depend on statistical data and research available about the bone cancer. Bone cancer prognosis may be positive if the doctor thinks that the patient is likely to respond well to the treatment and it may be negative if he thinks that the patients may not respond well to the treatment.

One should understand that a doctor who much more familiar with the patient is in the best condition to give better bone cancer prognosis but as is said the bone cancer prognosis cannot be taken for the granted it change it course and outcome at any point of time due to change in any of the influencing factors. The doctors at are excellent with patient care and work hard to make sure that you receive the specialist care that you deserve.

Risk factors are those factors which increases the chances of getting affecting with the disease, it is also same for the cancer. There are different types of cancers and they have different risk factors. for example, chewing tobacco is a risk factor for oesophageal cancer, exposing the skin to the sunlight is a risk factor for skin cancer, Smoking is a risk factor for wide range of cancers, etc. There may be several risk factors associated with a disease or there may be no risk factors associated with a disease. Several risk factors does not mean that the person is bound to contract the disease or no risk factors does not gaurantee that the person will be free contracting any disease. Normaly, Bone cancer does not have any risk factors but there are number of people who get affected by the Bone Cancer without having risk factor for the disease.