Best Foods You May Not Be Eating

Healthy eating is not always easy. Depending on what your life’s schedule looks like, many times you find yourself getting dinner through a drive through window. What is preventing you from eating healthy? Is it the price or that you don’t have time? If you don’t have time to eat healthy than there may just be some help for you. According to an article on eating healthy when you lack time and energy it suggested that you zero in on healthy snacks and side dishes first. The article continued with some simple but effective tips on choose the healthy route. Some of these healthy eating tips include: drink more water and tea, eat vegetables, fruit and raw nuts for snacks, have veggies or fruit as side dishes for dinner, and try adding nuts and berries to your cereal. According to another article on satisfying foods that won’t increase your waistline they suggest that you focus on foods that are high in protein and fiber. Some of those satisfying food choices include: eggs, broccoli, lean beef, quinoa, salmon, bison, chicken, peas and celery.

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